Why Insurance Plan Canada ?

"Insurance Plan Canada is commited to find cheapest possible premiums for Life Insurance and Travel Insurance needs of Canadians and visitors to Canada. Our Insurance portal is secured and is in constant endeavour to find the best coverage that suits your current and future need."

Travel Insurance

We at Insurance Plan Canada understand the need of emergency medical coverage ...

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Life Insurance

The tax-free proceeds from a life insurance policy can be used to pay off: debts...

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3-in-1 Combo Insurance

Synergy offers the protection of a three-in-one solution: a life insurance policy, a disability insurance policy and...

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Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa requirements have come into force from November 4, 2011 in Canada...

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Why Insurance Plane Canada?

  • Travel knowing you are protected

Whether you're travelling across the border, around the world, or to another province, here are some excellent reasons to buy travel insurance coverage.

  • Government health insurance plans may not cover all medical expenses

Government health insurance plans may not cover all emergency medical expenses once you leave your home province/territory and typically cover only a limited portion once you leave the country. In fact, the Canadian Government (Consular Services, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada) urges all Canadians to purchase supplemental health insurance when leaving the country.

  • Your credit card coverage may be limited

Some credit cards provide emergency medical insurance when you are travelling outside Canada or your province/territory of residence. However, there may be important distinctions between what travel insurance covers and what your credit card's insurance plan covers.

  • Your employee benefits plan coverage may be limited

With health insurance under an employee benefits plan, out-of-country medical coverage may not be available, may not cover a spouse or dependents and often has limits on the number of travel days covered and amounts payable.

Before you take a trip, it's a good idea to review any coverage provided by your employer to decide whether you need additional insurance.

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